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Erotica Writing Music.

I’m of the school of thought that all the things that you see writers doing in movies (smoking, doing drugs, fucking, writing in cafes, drinking lots of coffee, writing late at night, drinking whiskey, writing on a typewriter, etc.) are all the exact opposite of what you should be doing if you want to be an effective writer. HOWEVER there is one exception (and one caveat.)

That exception is music. Music, for me, is essential because it puts me in the mood but more practically it drowns out all the very unsexy noises around me. Are there dogs barking? I can’t hear them. Are people fighting upstairs? Can’t hear them. Is someone listening to NPR really loud? Exactly. I can’t hear them if I’ve got something playing.

The caveat is that the music has to be music that doesn’t have lyrics because otherwise I find myself getting too distracted by what the singers are saying. It’s like trying to count while someone is yelling random numbers at you. For this reason I listen to jazz and classical music which already have the added benefit of being supremely classy — something all erotica writers should strive for. ♦


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