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My Least Favorite Aspect of Writing Erotica: Naming Characters.


As many of you have found out by now I love writing smut. I like the characterization, I like exploring taboo subjects, and I love love love really sinking my teeth into something explicit. However there’s something about writing smut that I really dislike and that’s naming my characters.

Often it’s a tossup between giving them erotica-y names like Aiden and Silver or giving them authentic names like Beck and Steve. Often I just walk around my study and I steal the first names of authors off books which gives me names like Naomi and Neil, but that’s often unsatisfactory too.

I think I’m just going to start taking names from spam, but then I might end up writing erotica like this:

“Oh Donotreply,” said Ngabi Nateme. “You could change. I know that your past is dark and murky and full of international trysts, but now that I have your child you could settle down. You could love.

Donotreply turned his head slightly and stared into the middle distance over the water.

“Could I?” He asked. “I told myself decades ago that I would never change, that I would stay true to myself.”

Nateme held herself close to Donotreply.

“You could,” she said. “With one weird, old, trick.”


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