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I just finished this supernatural, gay, BDSM, gangbang, romp through the woods. Now available on Amazon select.

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Search Terms for Sunday.

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  • a man meats a sexy,hot girl in airport and they got sex

I’m not going to lie here. That last search term deserves some credit for being really specific and if I weren’t working on my android sex story right now then I’d be really tempted to write a story for that person. I wish I could, but robot porn stops for nobody.

Is it wrong to have sex with androids?

So I’m writing a new story about a girl who gets marooned in space and, out of boredom, decides that it would be a great idea to have sex with the android that’s repairing her ship. I’m halfway through writing this when I realize that a robot that can think and feel shouldn’t have any idea bout what human sex is like and doesn’t expect it, want it, or need it. If a lonely lady commands her robot to give her a good rutting then is that sort of like rape? I mean the robot doesn’t have any choice. They’re programmed to serve.

But then again. Robots live only to work for their human counterparts. Any sort of task, no matter how debauched, should bring them a sort of simple pleasure. Maybe that’s why it would be so hot and so wrong. I suppose that’s one of the ideas you’d explore in that sort of an erotic story. Can you program a machine to fuck and to love? Can you program a robot to get lonely and feel blueballs?


int main() {

return love;